SAT by MBA Educational Consulting was founded by a MBA (Master of Business Administration) with a long-term vision. One of the program directors is a college professor who holds a Ph.D. degree in English and has created a unique SAT/ACT learning strategy for our students. SAT by MBA unlocks your academic potential and offers you the ultimate solution to advance your SAT/ACT scores efficiently and effectively. Our goal is to help you get on your academic path in a time-conscious way, and navigate through the challenges you face with standardized tests and college admissions.

We have bright and spacious classrooms, comfortable waiting room for parents and, more importantly, an outstanding teaching staff. We have on our staff college professors/Ph.D., Ivy League/law school graduates and experienced SAT/ACT/AP/GRE/ISEE/SSAT/LSAT teachers. We offer one-on-one private tutoring and 3 - 8 small group classes. Our instructors are also experienced in tutoring elementary and middle school students in all subjects. Some of our teachers also have experience teaching students with learning disabilities. While helping struggling students is one of our goals, we also encourage advanced students to achieve higher goals, because learning is a never-ending journey and because “Knowledge is Power.” Equip yourself well today before tomorrow’s challenges.