From Our Parents & Students

My twin girls went for tutoring for their ACT and each went up 5.5 and 3 composite points respectively. Their tutors were outstanding and really gave them confidence and tricks on how to improve. The program really challenges them by having them practice on many tests. I cannot thank Rebecca and her tutors enough for providing an incredible service helping my girls succeed.

Madelyn L.
Montville, NJ

My daughter improved her ACT composite score by 3 points. The tutors were professional and caring. They gave a lot of homework which served to reinforce the material learned. Student preparation is important and is reviewed at each session. We were very impressed with the quality of the tutors and the interest the owner showed in our daughter's progress. I would highly recommend this tutoring center and give it a full five star rating!

Christien E.
Montville, NJ

Previously, my first SAT score in January 2017 was a 1370, so I decided to take it again in June. During that 5 month period I was always on and off with my studying, as I didn't take it that seriously. Because of this, my June score went up to a 1420. I decided that based on my performance, self studying would not get me far, so I decided to attend the summer boot camp offered SAT by MBA. The boot camp was a lot of work, with it being 4 days a week for 3 weeks (8 AM-12 PM mock test, 1-5 PM Reviewing the whole test). Afterwards, I signed up for the August SAT, and brought up my score to a 1540. Throughout the 3 weeks, I have come to learn that I would always answer the same types of questions incorrectly. The SAT by MBA tutors were very helpful in pinpointing my errors and preventing them through tips and tricks. I was surprised by the 120 point increase within 2 months, compared to my 50 point increase in 5 months from self studying. I definitely recommend this program to others looking for a huge score increase within a small frame of time. Personally, although the program did drain me (it was my first boot camp), the end results were very satisfying and I do not regret taking the course.

Allen L.
Livingston, NJ

I am extremely satisfied with the tutoring services provided at SAT by MBA. This academy helped prepare our son for his high school entrance exams (SSAT & ISEE) along with some supplemental tutoring (writing, public speaking, and debate). He scored highly on both of these tests. He will enter high school in September. Presently, our son has offers to attend several fantastic high schools. It is nice to have some options. It was a little extra time, sacrifice, money, and effort to use this type of service. We wanted to ensure adequate resources were devoted towards helping him. This service was well worth our investment. This definitely has helped shape and polish our gem. We have been using SAT by MBA for about a year now. More so in the summer when school is not in session. Our son enjoys working with his tutors at SAT by MBA. He independently and diligently does his homework each week. All of his teachers motivate and inspire our son to do great work which, in turn, positively spills over into other areas. I admire the owner, Rebecca, of this academy. English is a second language for Rebecca, however, she has an ability to vet and manage her teachers a lot better than I could hope to do. I enjoy working with her to better educate our child and help prepare him for a bright future. Thank you!!

Bob B.
Morristown, NJ

With tutoring from the team at SAT by MBA, my daughter improved her ACT score by 5 points. The results exceeded our expectations. The tutors are very nice and knowledgeable. They expect the student to be prepared during their lessons so make sure your child is committed to extra homework. It was hard work, but well worth it. I would highly recommend them.

Huey C.
Berkeley Heights, NJ

I started preparing for my ACT only a month before the test and I received a perfect score of 36! SAT by MBA really helped me get into the testing mindset and learn the strategies behind the test. The tutors really helped me gain confidence and are funny and outgoing, so they were always able to keep lessons interesting. When I first starting preparing, I didn't think I would ever be able to keep pace with the rushed timing of the ACT. I definitely don't think I would have received a 36 with the help of any other tutoring center. A lot of other centers just drill SAT/ACT prep work and don't consider the fact that they should be instilling confidence and positivity in their students. SAT/ACT prep should not be the dreadful experience that many claim it to be, and my preparation at SAT by MBA was certainly an exception to that standard. The staff is honest and always keeps the best interests of any student in mind. They also have extensive knowledge in other educational endeavors and are happy to discuss all matters with their students. The owner is very dedicated to her company and is accessible almost 24/7. Highly recommend this place to anyone!

Sarah H.
Montville, NJ

I have been going to SAT by MBA for a few years. They helped me become a better writer as well as gain an understanding of Algebra and Pre Calc.

Pearl L.
West Orange, NJ

I went to SAT by MBA for 10 weeks and I was able to improve my ACT test score over 9 points! I really enjoyed the tutoring sessions each week, getting all the practice I needed for the test. With only 25 hours of private tutoring, I was able to get the test scores I needed and get into all the colleges I hoped I would. SAT by MBA has great staff and is run very well! I recommend it to anyone is preparing for the SAT or ACT! You will definitely see an improvement in your scores.

Jillian M.
Montville, NJ

My son went to SAT BY MBA for SAT/ACT. The instructor helped him a lot . He gave him confidence and skills. My son did great. The owner has great experience about education. I am so glad we chose the right learning center.

Hana T.
Berkeley Heights, NJ

I want to highly recommend SAT by MBA! My son found himself with only 5 weeks to prepare to take the ACT test for a second time so we went to SAT by MBA on New Road in Parsippany. He improved his previous score by 3 points and now my son will go into the college application process confident! I had hired a private tutor who came to the house to prepare my son for the SAT and was not as happy with the results. SAT by MBA tutors for both the SAT & ACT I wish I had gone to them earlier!!

Lisa Chase LoBiondo
Montville, NJ

SAT by MBA helped my son pull his math grade up one level at the end of the semester. The tutor honed right in on his needs and they accomplished a lot in a short time. The tutor and program director were very prompt and professional. We are fully satisfied with the experience and the academic outcome. Thank you SAT by MBA.

Parent of an 8th grade student
Pine Brook, NJ

SAT by MBA was great for help with 8th grade honors algebra! I highly recommend their services.

Eve Lefkowitz
Pine Brook, NJ

My son felt so much more confident in his honor's algebra class after his weekly sessions. The teacher was well qualified and responsive to her students. We also found that the program was flexible, when needed, to fit the busy schedules of teens. Thanks so much!

Montville parent of 8th grader
Montville, NJ