School Subject Tutoring

- For middle & high school students

Subject Tutoring is supplemental learning for a specific subject, typically for students from middle school through college. Math, Critical Reading/Writing (Language Arts), Science, Physics, and History; these are academic skills that ALL students in every grade need to succeed, and we will help you all! We offer 1-to-1 private and small group tutoring for students in grades 6-12.

Blue bullet Math

     ●From Grade 6 to 12

If a student falls behind in math skills, it can snowball into an academic crisis. Math skills build from one level to another. For example, if a student cannot grasp division, he will not be able to keep up with the lessons on fractions. Math skills are part of everyday life - from shopping and banking to building and cooking. Failure to understand math concepts and when to use them can lead to mistakes, frustration, and embarrassment. Our experienced tutors will help you advace your math level on Pre-algebra, Algebra, Geometry, Trigonometry, Pre-calculus as well as Calculus.

Blue bullet Middle School Critical Reading & Writing Class

     ● Reading Skills

         A. Finding main ideas

Along with learning techniques to find the main ideas of writings, students will learn how to tell an author’s point of view or tone and make inferences about a reading.

         B. Improving reading comprehension

Through a clearer understanding of how a paragraph is formed, students will increase their reading comprehension skills, which will, in turn, improve their ability to write clear, compelling essays

         C. Building a vocabulary

Using flash cards of vocabulary words and in-class drills, students will create a strong vocabulary base which will be used in their reading and essay writing development.

     ● Writing Skills

         A. Learning the four major types of essays

Students will get hands-on practice writing the four main types of essays: narrative, expository, argument and persuasive. In this segment, students will learn techniques, such as adding more details to bring writing alive and using effective transitions to ensure an essay’s “flow.” A focus on developing style and voice will also be provided, along with general tips on writing with greater eloquence.

         B. Fixing common grammar errors

Students will learn to spot and correct common grammar errors, such as wrong verb tense or form, subject-verb agreement, and use of pronouns.

Blue bullet Hig School LA Class: Critical Reading & Writing Class + SAT

Through lectures, readings, class discussions, and writing assignments, students will learn how to improve Rading in the Content Areas (i.e., English Language Arts, Social Studies, Mathematics, and Sciences). The intention of this course is to improve student ability in critical reading and writing across the disciplines. As such, it focuses on how to evaluate the reliability of sources and how to understand propaganda techniques through reading. Students will learn how to read texts from a wide variety of genres, including poetry, essays, plays, novels, nonfictional and fictional short stories, and timely newspaper and magazine articles. In this regard, the course augments the schemata (background knowledge) of students by having them read a steady diet of various texts, including noteworthy magazine and newspaper articles. Also explored is the reading-writing connection and how reading and writing have a symbiotic relationship. Students are prepared for standardized tests, including PSAT and SAT preparation. The class is also designed to teach how to ameliorate student vocabulary, sentence completion questions, and grammar on the PSAT and SAT.

Blue bullet Science, Physics, Biology and Chemistry, ..., etc.